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I, Shirin, was introduced to the fitness industry in 2007. I have always been active but I didn't know the power of resistance training. The transformation I went through myself was quite remarkable.

I have two beautiful children, and I trained before, during and after pregnancy. I am considering myself knowledgeable how to train women especially but men are very welcome in my space too.  

I have been changing life’s in the fitness industry since 2014. My personality is positive, upbeat and my nature is to motivate everyone around me to become the best version of themselves, believe in themselves and reach the milestones they set for themselves. I am here to remind everyone how powerful they are within themselves. 

Health and fitness has always been a part of my life. I practise what I preach and I help people understand the benefits of balancing the mind, body and soul, food, hydration, sleep and rest. 

“I’m looking forward to meeting you, Shirin”

I understand that going to the gym can be a daunting experience for many and that is why I’m passionate about helping you feel confident to move your body when I train you.

My goal is to help and support you with a healthy lifestyle, longevity, and most of all to stay fit and mobile later in life, avoid the onset of osteoporosis and struggles through menopause. 

I am an energetic Personal Trainer capable of strengthening your mind, channeling your daily actions and helping you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

I don’t write generic programs, I specifically design them for your personal needs. 

My favourite types of exercise are HITT, strength training, gymnastics and dancing to drums. 

In my free time I love to travel, eat good food, munch on healthy treats, hike, be with friends and explore the outdoors. 






Cert IV in Fitness (Personal Trainer - SIS 40210) | "Australian Institute of Personal Trainers"
Certificate III in Fitness (Gym Instructor - SIS 30310) | "Australian Institute of Personal Trainers"
Metafit Coach | "Metafit HIIT Training"
Kettlebell lvl 1 & 2 | "Australian Institute of Kettlebells"
Mobility Training | "Australian Institute of Kettlebells
Black Roll Fascia Training | "Blackroll"
First Aid and CPR

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