Shine with Align Life Wave Brand Partner

What is LifeWave Technology?

LifeWave is a wearable patch technology that looks like a small round sticker approx. 3cm in diameter. The patch contains super fine fabric dipped in an organic solution of organic compounds including amino acids, simple sugars, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen molecules to create a crystalline structure. This structure acts as a reflector twisting and bending the body’s own infrared heat/ light into specific wavelengths/ frequencies that send biological signals to instruct the body to do certain things. Similar to how sunshine induces the skin to produce Vitamin D, melanin, melatonin and other happy chemicals. The patches do not put any molecules into the body or bloodstream (verified by the World Anti-Doping Agency). This effect is purely energetic and is similar to a remote control being able to change channels on your TV. Depending on the patch, you can tell your body to reduce pain, burn fat, reduce inflammation, perform better, balance hormones and as of 2018, turn on stem cell production -without supplements, pulls, oils, creams, injections or diet changes. The first product ever designed to activate your body’s own stem cells. A true breakthrough in regenerative science that helps restore our bodies to a healthier and more youthful state in a way that no other product can. All without anything entering your body. This technology was invented for the US Navy Seals to over 20 years ago by CEO of LifeWave, David Schmidt, to increase stamina and reduce pain without the use of drugs.

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