Personal transformation

2008 vs 2023 ✨

The photo on the left was taken in 2008. I did a photoshoot for my husband to be as a little surprise gift. My regular exercise routine was: spinning, lots of cardio and a bit of abs.

The main contributor for my change in body composition was 📌 weight training & HIIT.

I started having a Personal Trainer in July 2008. I kept my exercise regime up, only that I trained differently and more efficient. I got taken out of my comfort zone many times. Results started to show fairly quickly. I ate fairly well.

In this period of time, I gave birth naturally to two beautiful children. I trained before, during and after pregnancy.

Being strong, fit & healthy really helped me a great deal to give birth so easily. (Maybe I was just lucky 😊)

In 2014 I became a Personal Trainer and Metafit Coach. I knew my passion was to move my body and help people feel better overall. I’m very grateful to be in this position today. I feel great in my body and working on accepting that as we  age, our bodies DO change.

But what you CAN do is slowing down the process of looking and especially feeling old!

💫 Move your body
💫 Meditate
Personal transformation Eat well
💫 Sleep enough
💫 Hydrate
💫 Surround yourself with people who lift you up
💫 have fun!!!!
💫 Supplement where needed and I have been loving the Isagenix system to support my body inside and out since 2014 also.

I was inspired to create this post after a client said to me that she has a 5kg difference in weight from quite a few years ago and still looks the same. I promise you that lifting weights will transform your body.