LifeWave X39 Patches breakthrough

LiveWave X39 Patches breakthrough

A major breakthrough in stem cell activation technology.

It is so exciting to find out about the LifeWave X39 patches breakthrough. The first product ever designed to activate your body’s own stem cells. A true breakthrough in regenerative science that helps restore our bodies to a healthier and more youthful state in a way that no other product can. All without anything entering your body.


When we are in the sun, the light from the sun signals the body to increase the production of Vitamin D, melanin, melatonin and other happy chemicals in our body.

The X39 patch does not need the sun to induce a biochemical change. We are all suns. We emit light and heat.

The organic chiral isomers of the X39 patch reflect our body’s own light enery back into the skin as a new wavelength of the light in a process called photobiomodulation.

The new “wavelength of light” then signals the body to increase the production of a copper peptide GHK-Cu that has been proven to promote healing, restoration and rejuvination. All in a completely safe and non-invasive way.

The Holy Grail of Healing

Stem cells are the cells that generate and repair all the cells and structures of the human body. They’re the building blocks for our organs, tissues, blood and immune system. They also serve as an internal repair system – everywhere.

By the age of 30 we lose over 50% of our stem cell activity and by age 60 we lose over 90%. And additional loss is occurring due to our pathogenic and toxic environments causing the inflammation of chronic illness and disease resulting in further decline of our stem cell activity.

GHK and GHK-Cu:

INCREASE stem cells

ACTIVATE over 4000 genes to more youthful levels

REPAIR DNA damage and promote DNA repair

PRODUCE anti-aging effects at a cellular level

PROMOTE organ regeneration

ACTIVATE cell cleansing via the proteasome system

REDUCE pain/ anxiety/ aggression, photo damage, mottled hyperpigmentation, and skin spots

SUPPRESS fibrinogen production reducing the tendency of forming blood clots in the circulatory system and molecules thought to accelerate the diseases of agin such as NFkB.

HELP repair collagen in all tissues

IMPROVE blood flow in tissues and tissue repair for skin, lung connective tissue, boney tissue, liver and stomach lining, skin firmness, elasticity and clarity,

TIGHTEN loose skin and increase thickness of aged skin

STIMULATE blood vessels and nerve outgrowth

POSSESS cell protective actions, such as multiple anti-cancer activities, anti-inflammation and antioxidant actions and lung restoration of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease fibroblasts

PLAY a beneficial role in preventing age-associated cognitive decline helping ward off many common neurodegenerative conditions

PROMOTE hair growth and thickness, enlarge follicle size

PROTECT skin cells form UV radiation

X39 patches are the latest patches that regenerate your s$emc$lls.

How to use the patches:

Place one X39 patch on the body in either of the locations – back of the neck and below the belly button.

The X39 patch can also be applied directly to a point of pain or injury anywhere in the body.

Apply to clean, dry skin in the morning.

Patches maybe be worn up to 12 hours before taking them off.

Keep well hydrated using this product.

Do not place on broken skin.

Within 24 hours the stem cell activation patch begins to reset 3000-4000 genes to a younger and healthier state. People using the st$mcell patches will experience immediate effect through elevation of antioxidants, a decrease in inflammation and an increase in energy and joy.

Activating your st$mcells leads to an increase in collagen in the skin which decreases wrinkles and increases hair growth. Even if you don’t feel effects, rest assured, the new st$mcell may be regeneration an internal organ or tissue before repairing something you feel.

X39 is just one of the patches for st$mcell regeneration and healing but there are many more patches to help you with aches and pain, detox, fat burn, increased energy and more.

If you would like to find out more about this holistic approach to your life, please get in contact with me at

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