Weight training and longevity

Resistance training and the benefits on aging!

Recently, I discovered that in my second round of circuit training, when doing push ups, I had to drop down to my knees as the strength in my upper body just left me, so losing muscle with age is absolutely real. 

I know the benefits of heavier weights and loving and going for it.

Having a regular resistance training routine really helps reduce your risk of a range of chronic diseases.

Having low muscle mass has previously been associated with an increased risk of cognitive decline, insulin resistance and high inflammatory markers. It also makes you more susceptible to bone fractures, a major cause of mortality in older age.

The likelihood of falls in over 65 year olds are not so unlikely so having and building muscle mass will really help. Improving strength and muscle mass will promote functional mobility and progresses recovery from injury and sickness.

Due to the protective role that muscle plays against age-related injury and diseases, we can refer to it as “the organ of longevity”.

So, don’t be shy, lift up some heavier weights “with good form of course” or simply start your weight lifting journey SOMEWHERE NOW.

Being fit and strong will help you in your everyday life such as getting on and off the bus, in and out of the car, store items above and below, twist your body into angles to reach for things, get of the floor and the seat -simply feel independent for as long as possible.

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